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Modeling program/app

Since the fire marshal outlawed the hanging of 3D models from my classroom ceiling, I have been thinking of a way to modify the molecular modeling project that I do each fall with my Honors Chemistry students. 

I am seeking a modeling program that ideally my students can use both at home and at school on their macs that is free and can allow them to create molecular models that can show such concepts as bond angles in the molecules, different colors of the atoms, and can provide three-dimensional rotation.

I have considered Minecraft (too expensive... Bob Irving has licenses in his lab but it would require me scheduling time for students to access the machines there). Samantha Fisk has also mentioned SketchUp, and I've briefly explored it but am not sure how user friendly it is for creating spheres (the normal shape assumed and expressed for atoms in a molecule).

Would love ideas about other modeling programs that could potentially be used to build molecular models. 

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